January 9, 2017 minutes

City of Wakefield
Council Meeting
January 9, 2017 – 7:00 p.m.

After testing the sirens, President of the Council Dwight Tilley called the meeting to order. Present were Jonny Groves, Tony Davis, Brandy Riggs, and Chris Yenni. Mayor Joshua Thurlow was absent. President Tilley led the pledge of allegiance and observed a moment of silence.

Approval of Agenda
Jonny Groves motioned and Brandy Riggs 2nd to approve the agenda as written. Motion carried 5/0.

Consent agenda
 Approval of minutes – There was discussion during the previous council meeting about the Chief of Police being invited to the workshop to discuss comp time. The clerk will do an addendum to the December minutes noting the discussion.
 Approval of payment of unpaid expenses.
 Appointments as follows: Ken Hughes, Chief of Police; Brian Merritt, City Superintendent; Jeri Mason, City Clerk/Court Clerk/Treasurer; Susan Carlson, Municipal Court Judge; Richard James, City Attorney; Farmers & Merchants State Bank, official depository; Clay Center Dispatch, official newspaper; Resolution 230 adopting GAAP waiver.
 Brandy Riggs would like to see evaluations done prior to appointments (last one done was 2013).
Brandy Riggs talked about the 52 subscribers in Wakefield that take the Clay Center Dispatch.
Brandy Riggs motioned to publish agenda & minutes on the website Thursday prior to meeting on website and Facebook, Tony Davis 2nd, motion carried.
Employee handbook and evaluations will be put on the workshop topics.
Jonny Groves motioned, Brandy Riggs seconded to approve the consent agenda, motion carried 5/0.

Public Comments – no comments

Presentation by Gary Stith (Joint Land Use Study with Ft. Riley)
Mr. Stith gave his presentation to the Council. Handouts were given to the Council. He explained what the study was about. Tony Davis volunteered to be part of the policy committee – technical advisory committee also needs a volunteer. Would cost approximately $490 to join the Flint Hills Regional Council and is based on population. January 31st & Feb 1st will be two workshops. Brandy Riggs motioned to participate in the Joint Land Use Study with Tony Davis as representative, Chris Yenni 2nd, motion carried 5/0.

Employee Reports

WRA – Patty Flickinger here to represent WRA – estimated $1700 in account. 26 kids out for basketball. WRA is in the YMCA league with 14 of the kids. Deb Kriley-Brown volunteered to work the concession stand for free next summer. WRA was encouraged to come to the Council something is needed. She asked if it would be possible to get an adjustable basketball goal for WRA. Will come back next month with prices.

City Clerk – Gave her report to the Council. Included in her report were the leave balances for the employees and the number of empty houses in Wakefield.

City Superintendent – Ripped down part of the ceiling on the Tyrell building. Air gap where roof meets wall. Will check prices for different salt in Clay Center. Brandy Riggs questioned whether or not we checked on meters that were shut off.

Chief of Police – His report was given to the Council. The City is now a designee for doing VIN checks. $2.00 goes to the state, $18 goes into the police

Unfinished Business
Comp Time/Overtime – Dwight Tilley suggested that this be moved to the workshop. Brandy Riggs would like the employees be afforded the opportunity to speak at the workshop. Brandy Riggs motioned and Tony Davis 2nd for this to be a topic on the workshop and the employees be allowed to speak. Motion carried 5/0.

Liquor License ordinance – Discussion was held and the Clerk will make changes suggested by Council, have the City attorney review those changes and then email Council final product.

Truck bids – The Council looked at the bids that were presented. Brandy Riggs asked the County businesses be afforded the opportunity to bid. The John Deere tractor was also discussed.

New Business

Sewer Use Ordinance – Two example ordinances were presented to the Council. The clerk had emailed the superintendent both of the ordinances to review. She will also talk to KRWA to see when the ordinance needs done. Brian will look at ordinance and let the Council know his recommendation.

Clay County Animal Rescue annual contract – Jonny Groves motioned to approve the contract, Brandy Riggs 2nd, motion carried 5/0.

Certified Pool Instructor’s Training – The City superintendent would like to go to Topeka for training March 7 & 8, 2017 in Topeka for $275. Jonny Groves motioned to allow the superintendent to go for training, Brandy Riggs 2nd, motion carried 5/0.

Tony Davis motioned to adjourn, Dwight Tilley 2nd, motion carried 5/0.

Jeri Mason
City Clerk

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