Weather update –

Have you heard we have an ice storm coming?
We do. 🙁 I really dislike ice storms!
You need to prepare your family and business immediately.
If you have plans that involve travel – either leave now or cancel your plans.
If you are an event planner and have something scheduled from Friday night through Monday morning. Cancel your event and reschedule it.
There is high certainty that the entire North Central Kansas area will have ice. The current potential is for 1/2 inch to 1 inch of ice accumulation.
Be prepared to be without power for several days, especially if you live in rural areas. If you do not have an alternate heat source, consider staying with friends or family over the weekend if they have alternate heat sources available.
Expect all Emergency Services to be extensively delayed in responding to any call for assistance. Ambulances, Fire trucks and patrol vehicles can not travel on ice any faster than your personal pick-up truck will. Be prepared to take care of yourself and your family.
Be careful if using generators or other sources of heat. Be sure your carbon monoxide detectors are working and follow all safety precautions.
We are in a Winter Weather advisory from Friday night through Sunday night. Keep informed of updates as the time draws closer. Winter storms are the hardest to predict because a couple of degrees difference in air or ground temperature can make the difference between rain and ice or ice and snow.
We will have another planning meeting with all local department administrators tomorrow at noon to get the latest information from the National Weather Service.
PLEASE cancel plans and stay indoors Friday through Sunday.
Listen to KCLY 100.9 FM in the NC Kansas area for the most current updates for our location. And check the NWS webpage for updates. The most current update for local emergency managers is at

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