Tree limb pickup policy


One of the goals of the Wakefield City Council is for the City to maintain a neat and appealing appearance. One of the ways the City will assist the residents of Wakefield to achieve this goal is to provide tree limb and branch pickup after a major storm.

The City will pick up tree limbs within the city limits of Wakefield each Monday morning (April through September) after a major storm and haul the limbs and branches to the City burn site. Holidays are excluded.

The restrictions for tree limbs are as follows:

1. The tree limbs will not be longer than 6 feet and will not weigh more than 40 pounds.

2. Small branches will be tied together.

3. Bundle of branches will not weigh over 20 pounds.

4. Loose leaves and twigs will not be picked up.

5. City will not pickup any large quantities without prior approval from the City Superintendent.

The citizens of Wakefield must understand this is a service. The tree limbs cannot not be placed at the curb more than one day prior to Monday morning.

Any limbs not picked up by the City are still the resident’s responsibility and must be removed by Monday afternoon by the resident.

The Wakefield Burn Site is open to the public the first and third Saturdays of the month. You may also check out a key during the week at the City building.

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